Effective Auditing Tools and Techniques for Internal Auditors

March 26, 2018 to  March 29, 2018

Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji Islands

Why is this program helpful for internal auditors?

It is common to find many internal auditors wanting to learn and deliver their best audit results. The biggest challenge is that there is often no “coach” or help within the department or there is just no time and adequate resources to help the Auditor get a solid foundation in internal auditing.

This workshop aims to help Internal Auditors to develop confidence and practice key skills, competencies, new behaviors and team development concepts and tools in Effective auditing tools and techniques: Ensuring Internal Audit’s Value.

Goals / Benefits

·        Business: Aligned and committed to achieve our IA goals for 2018

·        Organization: Clarity on how we will engage each of our organizations to further develop our confidence and competence in Internal Auditing

·        Team:  1. Aligned our norms, Offers & Expectations .2. Addressed key issues / barriers that prevent us from working more effectively as a high performance IA team. 3. A better appreciation for the strengths of our own team’s diversity

·        Professional: 1. Learned the stages of internal auditing, so we are more confident and competent using the tools & techniques to improve our Quality and Audit results in 2018.

 2. Identified and addressed our confidence and competency gaps.

·     Personal: 1. A better appreciation for who is on our team. 2. Created a sense of collective ownership for the success of internal auditing tools & techniques and adding value to business. 3. A feeling that together we will make our work and roles more successful. 4. Had fun

How is this Learning Program approach different?

What will be delivered in this learning program?
We address the knowledge and skill needs over the stages in internal auditing.

Basics: General knowledge and clarity around IA Roles & responsibilities

·         Definition and Alignment with IA vision , mission and strategy

·         Annual audit plan – planning and delivery

·         Roles & responsibilities of Internal auditors –core services & value added opportunities

·         IIA standards, IPPF, COSO framework, Code of ethics and others

·         Stakeholder engagement & challenges

·         Quality Assurance in IA

·         Types of IA engagements

·         Lines of defence model

Stage 1: Scoping & planning the audit assignment

·         Understanding control environment

·         Identifying relevant Risks - assessment & management

·         Data Analytics

·         Develop audit strategy

·         Risk based IA

·         7 steps Audit Methodology and process timelines

·         Fraud risk assessment

·         Audit Programs

·         Data requests

·         Assignment hand off

Stage 2: Fieldwork

·         Opening Meetings

·         Designing questions

·         Testing

·         Interviewing

·         Work Papers standards & evidence

·         Interim Audit Issues & Recommendations

·         Rating Audit Issues

·         Closing Meeting

Stage 3: Reporting

·         Reporting process flows

·         Final audit issues & recommendations - templates

·         Co-designing practical recommendations

·         Selling sensitive audit findings/ results

·         Management responses

·         Final audit reports

Stage 4: Monitoring and follow up

·         Follow up for audit reports

·         Closing audit issues

·         Handling challenges in closing audit issues


Stage 5: Quality assurance and Improvement program

·         6 areas for Customer feedback

·         Auditor Evaluations/ Feedback/ Learning Partners

·         Continuous improvement of IA processes

·         QA over entire IA activity

·         Teamwork for high performance IA teams

·         Automation and efficiencies

Problem solving and innovation in IA

IA Learning Coach

This program is custom designed and delivered by Gurbakhish (GB) an experienced internal auditor with 43 years’ work experience which includes 25 years in Governance, Risk and Internal audit.

Download attached brochure for more details.