Bula Everyone

Internal Audit has got to be the coolest profession in the world. If you are an internal audit you don’t need to dress different, speak different or act different. You will always stand out in the crowd and be identified

There’s practically nothing we can’t plunge into, nothing we don’t touch or shouldn’t be able to touch, to help our organisations. If it’s logical it’s possible. What we do adds and enhances value.  Protects our organisations from fatal fraud and business risks. It’s a job that’s important, intellectually stimulating, diverse and interesting. More importantly, it’s a job that gives you the most holistic view of the organisation. That thought can be bone chilly if you realise the enormity of the responsibility that you have to shoulder for some. Personally for me, this very thought drives me to continually look for ways in which I can innovate, to bring that little extra out from a probably what’s considered a well-researched, rehearsed process.

Here at IIA Fiji, we will continue to work together with IIA Global and our Asian Confederation counter parts to constantly raise the bar to elevate the professionalism of its members and elevate the IIA as an organisation and the practice of internal auditing.

We understand that it’s important that we  expand your skill sets, increase your value and align your audit plans with board priorities to include a more diverse and strategic focus on the emerging areas of governance, risk management, compliance and technology. Staying true to the IIA motto “Sharing through progress”, we will endeavour to provide these opportunity to you.

In return, we ask for your continued support and request that you assist IIA Fiji in elevating the profession.

In unity nothing is impossible. Even the word IMPOSSIBLE say’s I’M POSSIBLE

Pretty Pritika

IIA Fiji President